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«Моя шкіра — моя справа»
виставка Марії Куліковської
19.VII.2019 – 30.VIII.2019
Maria Kulikovska
My skin is my business
After all the years of the complicated artistic path, Maria keeps returning to the architecture, inevitably uses the skills of design and spatial thinking obtained during many years of architecture studies, to present her idea of body, the human body, female body in public space, as sharply and as difficult as possible.
Throughout her artistic path, Maria Kulikovska keeps returning to the architecture, inevitably uses the skills of design and spatial thinking obtained over many years of studying architecture to present as sharply and challenge her idea of the human body, female body in public space.

Maria's path as an architect, an artist, a performer began in the '90s on the cost of two seas – The Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, in Crimea. At the turn of the centuries, she was born when Perestroika started and the movement towards capitalism and market relations. But it turned out differently, and the country, which Maria had never seen, but in which she saw the world, disappeared without having time to get acquainted with her. Since childhood, the artists were "friend" with the ruins of Kerch's ancient settlements, scattered throughout the artist's hometown.
Марія Куліковська
Some of her body casts after the war in Donbas remained in the "Isolation" gallery in Donetsk. The militants seized the gallery and used the molds as targets for shooting. This was a severe shock for Kulikovskaya, which she reflected in the project for London's Saatchi Gallery, wherein 2015, being completely naked, she smashed the molds of her own body with a hammer. This helped the artist live through the pain caused by her native Crimea and the subsequent war.

The ancient Greeks used sculptures of female bodies, calling them the Caryatids, to support buildings' construction, thus giving a patriarchal connotation to a woman who keeps up all the weight and city buildings, holding a constant burden on her shoulders. All of this was a reminder to all women about their place in society and her punishment. Observations of women's hard work, invisibility, and lack of recognition caused the artist to revolt and the desire to change through her artworks.

The exhibition presents more than ten casts of Maria's body, Oleg Vinnichenko co-authored them, using paraffin, epoxy resins, soap, plaster, and chocolate. All of them record the transformations of the artist's body. Being a woman in modern Ukraine, the female body's vulnerability and the genders' inequality - the dominant motives of her works.
« We made a series of ballistic soap busts in collaboration with Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginsky for the Paris Fashion Week, and it just came from Paris. The statues were exhibited during the couture show of his hats. There is a conceptual leering: 7 years ago, I made a cast of myself from soap, and we displayed it in the center of modern sculpture "Isolation" in Donetsk. It was done on purpose to see how the soap will transform. It brings us back to the vanitas tradition: the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death. The Dutch drew cut flowers as a reminder of death and that it is always around.

Using this tradition, I made these sculptures. I did this experiment by installing these sculptures, but then the war began, the process of occupation in Donbas started, and my sculptures were used by the invaders and shot. They said it was a naked female body, calling me a degenerate artist. From that moment, being blacklisted in Russia and not entering Crimea, art became reflective. And in June 2014, 5 years later, I again made soap, soap sculptures and put flowers into them.

A fresh material. The soap. I suddenly became a displaced person; I was in Sweden and was asked to exhibit my sculptures in London, to recreate a series of casts. I started looking for soap in Sweden and found enough soap in one of the factories. I have told the manager what I am planning to do with this soap and even showed the pictures. The manager was surprised and said that the soap sculptures of human bodies are made to test weapons. Soap has the same density as the human body, as it consists of 80 percent of water and glycerin. When bullets hit the soap, it is possible to see the bullet's trajectory and what happens to the body.
Эти скульптуры из серии «Звездная пыль» сделаны для проекта в Мистецком Арсенале 26 февраля. Мы делали 125 квадратных метров из точно такого материала

The main idea: we came from the earth and go to the earth. Why Stardust – it is a mirage of a lost home

Last winter, I made a performance in a Swiss movie – with a Mosin rifle

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