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Mikhail Reva
On the 19th of September at the Odesa Fine Arts museum, sculptor Mikhail Reva launched the exhibition project. The artworks presented at the exhibition are from different periods, from the early ones, such as the icons created for Mikhail Katz's "Desert" to this year's mixed-media works that Mikhail Reva created in Mexico during the quarantine.
Mikhail Reva – a Ukrainian sculptor, lives and works mostly in Odesa. There he created a lot of his artworks, such as "Twelfth chair" at the Deribasovskaya street; a fountain in the Greek park; «Angel of Mercy" at the Children's Rehabilitation Centre named after Boris Litvak, which in the city is called "House with an Angel". Founder of the Reva Foundation.
Mikhail Reva
"The main idea of the exhibition is revelation", says the curator of the exhibition Maria Tseloeva. "Revelation is always an event. The display is an opportunity to trace and compare the transformation of Mikhail Reva's work. In his artwork, Mikhail combines traditional and modern technologies that are already becoming classics, while the sculpture's symbolic essence remains. A statue is a form that speaks to the viewer in a whisper. But when Reva adds color to this shape, she starts screaming.
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