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For companies
Corporate visit to the museum
This is a unique format for the development of corporate culture. It helps to unite employees based on their interest in the art and history of Odessa, as well as the development of creative and critical thinking.
Systematic visits to the museum develop the skills of concentration, observation and attention to detail.
Analyse and see the relationship between the development of society and art history.
Helps to focus more easily and to delve into the context more effectively.
By visiting the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, you help the museum to improve and implement new large-scale exhibition projects.
Our scientific researchers team developed a variety of tours, which we offer to visit in a certain sequence:
Contact us!
Contact us and discuss the details of your visit to the Odesa Fine Arts Museum
+38 048 737 3870
Ulyana Dovgan, Head of the Event Department of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum
Part 1. Introduction
The Society of Fine Artists was founded by the progressive community of the city
Potocki Palace on Sofiivska 5a was purchased by Mayor Hryhoriy Marazli and handed over to the city
The City Museum of Fine Arts was opened in the palace
Odesa Fine Arts Museum has become the most visited museum in the country
The coolest museum in the country
Our guided tours
Part 2. Level up
Now that you are well acquainted with the main exposition of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. Next, we suggest you go to visit our current exhibitions. The detailed scientific work of researchers precedes each exhibition project in the Odesa Fine Arts Museum. As a result, we have the opportunity of broader and deeper coverage of a particular artistic period or the work of a specific artist. Range of the relevance of the topic and understanding of the context, substantiation of the creative work of artists, a balanced approach to the formation of the exhibition — all this will become more understandable and receptive when visiting a curatorial tour.
«XX - XXI:
From the twenties to the twenties»
«XX - XXI: From the twenties to the twenties»
On June 25, the long-awaited opening of the renewed second-floor exposition entitled «XX-XXI: from the twenties to the twenties» took place. Work on the new exhibition lasted more than six months, and now you can see a lot of artwork-works that have been stored in the funds for decades. In total, the new exhibition includes more than 300 works in various fields and techniques. Among the presented authors are such well-known names as Yuri Egorov, Stanislav Sychov, Larisa Zvezdochotova, Valentin Khrushchev, Arsen Savadov, Viktor Maryniuk, Lyudmila Yastreb, Vlada Ralko and many others.
Part 3. Let's get acquainted
And now we offer you a choice of various author's guided tours from our scientific department, which you can choose based on topics of interest to your team. Such excursions are an opportunity to get acquainted with works of art informally and learn the guide's attitude to this or that work. It is about live emotional communication, a chance to study more deeply familiar works, look at them from a new point of view, and learn about those works of art that are not covered during full guided tours.
Part 4. A different view on the familiar things
Some author's tours use cycles - so we offer to look at the same topic from different angles and different points of view, of course, on the example of our main exposition.
Частина 5. Special offer
Night tour
What it is: a tour of the first floor and grotto of the museum after it's closed — with the lights off, using electronic candles and flashlights. In such a situation, a trip to the museum becomes mystical and even a little intimate — during it you will learn the most secret museum stories.

*At your request, we can conduct a separate tour of the first floor or grotto. We will calculate the cost additionally.
Part 6. Additional joy
Our offer is not limited to all of the above. At your request, we are pleased to:
We will develop personal excursions of any topic and theme within the limits of an exposition of Odesa Fine Arts Museum (Price for the development of the excursion: 1000 UAH, excursion service price - 350 UAH + an entrance ticket for each participant - 100 UAH);
We will offer the entertaining program and master classes for children (Price: from 1500 UAH);
We offer excursions in English or French (the price will not change);
We can provide a spare room at the end of each tour for sharing, reflection and exchange of impressions (rental price: 1400 UAH / 30 minutes).
Contact us!
Contact us and discuss the details of your visit to the Odesa Fine Arts Museum
+38 048 737 3870
Ulyana Dovgan, Head of the Event Department of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum
+380 48 737 38 70
+380 48 723 72 87
Sofiivs'ka Street, 5a
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