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Membership – is one of the ways to help a museum whether you are a citizen of a city visitor. A membership program can be found in many museums worldwide. By paying the fee, the owner of a membership card makes a special contribution to the development of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum and provides an opportunity for the museum to take better care of them.
For Who?
For those who love art and visits our museum often
For those who want Odesa Fine Arts museum to have an opportunity to prosper, preserve the collection and take care of visitors.
For those who want to save the forest, as with the membership card we do not have to print paper tickets.
What will you receive?

The free entrance to the main exposition of the museum throughout the year (one person)
The free entrance to the lectures during the whole year
The free entrance to the temporary exposition of the museum throughout the year (one person)
The free entrance to all guided tours during the year
How much does it cost?
per year
499 ₴

How to contact us?

Would you like to become a sponsor? Do you have an idea or proposal for cooperation? Call us — we will answer all your questions, and if necessary, we will develop an offer specifically for you or your company. We are always open for new collaborations.
+380 93 552 95 10
Daria fundraising manager
+380 48 737 38 70
+380 48 723 72 87
Sofiivs'ka Street, 5a
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