19.02.22 Art of Lifesaving. Safety in action

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At the initiative of FAST, the Odesa Fine Arts Museum will host a training on mass training of first aid skills for Ukrainians. There is a 30-minute training session, as well as a supervised express tour.
During the 30-minute event, you will learn the rules of first aid, including how to stop bleeding and other useful safety precautions. According to North American Rescue statistics, 35% of all prehospital traumatic deaths are caused by bleeding. Intense bleeding can kill the victim in 3-5 minutes. Given that the average time of arrival of an ambulance is 11 minutes, it is the actions of each of us that are the only chance to save lives in an emergency.
Maybe it’s time to become the next hero? The ticket is a charitable contribution to the development of our museum. It also includes a visit to the museum, so after the event, you can visit the main exhibition.
Please note: after payment, you will NOT receive a ticket to the specified post office – you will be able to attend the event by entering your phone number at the entrance on the day of the event.


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