25/12/2021 OFAM Nights


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Last year we added new bands to this performance several times because the tickets sold out very quickly. So this year we decided to return the performance – with a completely updated program! For the New Year holidays, we present OFAM Night, which will allow you to see the Potocki Palace most fully in an unusual environment.
Duration: 80 minutes. The performance takes place without age restrictions. Tickets can be purchased under the eSupport program (one-time payment to persons who have received a full course of vaccination from COVID-19).
Please note:
– the maximum number of people in each group – is 15 people;
– tickets are not exchangeable and non-refundable;
– also during the performance shooting will be prohibited except for specially marked moments.
We care about the safety of our guests and staff! To visit the museum you need to have one of the following documents: a yellow or green vaccination certificate from COVID-19; a negative PCR test result (up to 72 hours); certificate of recovery (up to 105 days).
Buy a ticket for the performance on December 25, where you will find our performance tours with animated paintings and sculptures in the closed night museum – with new exhibits, the second floor, and visits to our legendary grotto and underground gallery “Yellow Giants” with ancient paintings. Tickets can also be purchased under the eSupport program (a one-time payment to persons who have received a full course of vaccination from COVID-19).
ATTENTION! Registration takes place by phone number, tickets do not come to the post office. If you have any questions: call +380 48 737 38 70.


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