Report 2020

Part 1. Scientific work

Our researchers have developed several series of excursions and lectures

Colorful excursions
We teach our visitors to “read” a picture through colors – without focusing on the plot or biography of the author, we will try to understand how and why the artist works with a particular color.
noroot (3)
Excursions around the halls
One tour – one hall. With our guides, visitors pay attention to each hall of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum and get acquainted with each picture.
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Lecture course "1 pearl - 1 hour"
The course of lectures “1 pearl – 1 hour” is devoted to paintings that are not paid attention to during sightseeing tours.

Catalogs of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum

In 2020, the Odesa Fine Arts Museum published a catalog edited by our scientist Oleksandr Dmytrenko “The Odesa Fine Arts Museum: History of the Collection 1899-1941.” This research essay is devoted to the formation of the collection of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, at the origins of which stood the Odesa Society of Fine Arts and the Society of Southern Russian Artists. The staff of the museum processed numerous documents, photographs, and sources of information from the museum’s archives, and created its card indexes and catalogs.

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Our scientists have also developed and published a catalog for the most important exhibition project of 2020 “Severe and stylish: the art of the long sixties.” The bilingual catalog contains more than 200 works by “Severe and Stylish” artists, which were presented at the exhibition, their biographical data, archival photographs, etc.

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Part 2. Exhibitions

February - June 2020

Victor Maryniuk
“Live carefully”
January 24 – April 14

Victor Maryniuk – is the legend of Odesa nonconformists.

Victor Maryniuk’s range – from early expressive experiments, consonant with the current in the early 60s of the twentieth century “strict style” to lyrical-geometric abstraction, is often organically combined with conditional linearity.

650 visitors

June - August 2020

Yuri Siviryn
«Black Mirror»
until November 29

Yuri Siviryn is trying to call a spade a spade and uses it to expose the wounds of society. “What is time?” – is the main question that worries the author. “And are there others like me who are just as painfully experiencing the flickering and disappearance of meanings and images?” – Siviryn’s work about the search for compassion and understanding. He, like all of us, has to live in a mode of constant information trauma and attacks. But he does not hesitate to share his unique experience of survival in the mirror – he has an open conversation about the meaning of his and ours.

1102 visitors

September - November 2020

Igor Gaidai
«Verum in granoн»

This project explores and reveals the power of wildlife hidden in a small seed. In the exhibition, the seed was the subject of meditation and reflects the duality of the material world. After all, the shape of the grain does not show what the plant will look like when it germinates, blooms, and blooms: the main thing in it is information that cannot be seen even under a microscope.

Igor Gaidai is a famous Ukrainian photographer. Author of several photo books, teacher, and co-organizer of the National Union of Photographic Artists of Ukraine. Founder of one of the first private photo studios in independent Ukraine and the “Camera” Gallery. Participant in exhibitions and art residencies in France, Austria, Germany, and Belarus.

1376 visitors

October 2020 - January 2021

Mikhail Reva.
until November 29

Mikhail Reva is a Ukrainian sculptor, living and working mainly in Odesa. There he created several famous works: “Twelfth Chair” on Deribasovskaya Street; a fountain in the Greek park; “Angel of Mercy” at the Borys Litvak Children’s Rehabilitation Center, which is called the “House with an Angel” in the city. Founder of the Reva Foundation. The exhibition presents works from different years, from the early ones, such as the icons created for Mikhail Katz’s film “The Desert”, to this year’s mixed media works created by Mikhail Reva in Mexico, where he was during the pandemic.

3875 visitors

November 2020 - January 2021

Mykola Glushchenko
“The Last Freedom”
until November 29

Mykola Glushchenko (1901, Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk Region – 1977, Kyiv) is one of the brightest figures of Ukrainian painting of the last century.

Mykola Glushchenko’s biography is like an adventurous novel: it is about long emigration, agency activities, numerous trips abroad, and fruitful work. During his life, the artist created more than 10,000 paintings. The exhibition “The Last Freedom” will acquaint the Odesa audience with the late period of the artist’s activity – the last 20 years of his life.

881 visitors

March 2021

«Severe and Stylish»
The art of the long sixties
13.03.2020 – 22.05.2020

On March 13, we opened the exhibition project “Severe and stylish: the art of the long sixties”, which was visited by 3,028 people

We conducted an educational program before the exhibition:
– Conducted 28 curatorial and 2 director’s tours
– 5 lectures and panel discussion

The result of the exhibition was a bilingual catalog. The catalog contains more than 200 works from the funds of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum and other museums in Ukraine, as well as private collections. The catalog includes texts in Ukrainian and English, as well as archival photographs and biographical data of “Severe-stylish” artists.

3028 visitors

Art arsenal

Also this year, the Odesa Fine Arts Museum took part in the exhibition project “Imprint”, which took place in the Art Arsenal in Kyiv from July 3 to August 16. The project aimed to show a holistic picture of Ukrainian graphics from the early twentieth century to the present. The exhibition featured more than 500 works, including prints by Alexander Postel and Gennady Garmider from the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

__-3509 (1)
Alexander Postel. Odesa bridges
image (6)
Gennady Garmider. Descent to the sea
Alexander Postel. Lane

Part 3. Events

In 2020, we conducted:

"Cinema in the museum | OPEN AIR ART"

11 open-air film screenings within the project “Cinema in the Museum | OPEN AIR ART”

Vintage Charity Market & Sova Picnic

The museum became a location for the charity Vintage Charity Market & Sova Picnic

Event for Cartier

Held a private event for friends and clients of Cartier jewelry house

Special events

In the Odesa Fine Arts Museum three times offered marriage, four times celebrated birthdays, and six companies visited corporate tours

OFAM for children

In total, 369 children attended special children’s events in 2020:

Entertainment workshops and quests – 230 children;
School of the young museologist – 63 children;
OFAM Kids Camp – 76 children.

Part 4. Infrastructural changes


In 2020, we replaced the lighting in 24 halls of the museum

New exhibition space

We have opened an updated exhibition space

Thanks to the Biodiversity Protection Fund of Ukraine, we installed lighting and a gallery system for paintings in Hall 15. Thus, we managed to open an updated exhibition space for chamber exhibitions.

Restoration of the museum

We have started the development of design and estimate documentation for the restoration of the museum building

WiFi in the museum

Provided WiFi coverage throughout the museum, as well as installed IP telephony for effective internal communication

WC for visitors

Toilets for visitors have become more comfortable, we also have a changing table for babies

Part 5. Fundraising

Marazli Club

In 2020, we held two fundraising events, thanks to which we raised funds for the development and support of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

Charity brunch with Le Silpo

Charity dinner with Fratelli

This year we received as a gift 37 works of art, among them:

Frame_5 (1)
Mikhail Reva “Stones”
Yuri Solomko “Old Globe”
Tiberius Silvashi “Painting”
Ilya Isupov “Man with mushrooms”
Alexander Klimenko “Tsiolkovsky’s Rays”
Matthew Weisberg “In Memory of the Theme of the Flute”
Alexander Zhivotkov “Work # 2” from the series “11 years”
Yuri Siviryn “Clones”
David Shostak “Shot Culture”

Part 6. Souvenir products

In 2020, we have significantly expanded our line of souvenirs


We have developed a collection of museum socks: currently we have 8 species with reproductions of paintings from the collection of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.


Developed a collection of museum pins.


We have developed a collection of museum shoppers: currently we have 5 types of bags with reproductions of works from the collection of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

For kids

This year we decided to take care of our youngest visitors and developed bodysuits and socks for babies from 0 to 12 months

Silk art

Developed a collection of silk scarves with reproductions of paintings from the collection of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum.

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas decorations with reproductions of Oleksandr Atsmanchuk’s “Flight” were developed.

Part 7. Pandemic and quarantine March - May 2020

Part 8. Museum in virtual networks

Statistics of social networks from 2019 to 2020

Page subscribers

Facebook 9 400 —> 12 730
Instagram 13 000 —> 21 140

Average coverage of publications per month

Facebook … —> 107 890
Instagram … —> 104 450

The first most popular post on Instagram

The most popular post received 4998 likes, 255 saved and covered 16,674 profiles.

A little more statistics

In total, the publications covered from 24,000 to 43,000+ audiences

Part 9. Grants

"Museums at the forefront of social change"

In total, in 2020 the Odesa Fine Arts Museum received UAH 1,102,314, of which UAH 349,183 – was support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation during quarantine, UAH 753,131 – a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through which we were able to implement the project “Museums in the forefront social change “.

The team of the Odesa Fine Arts Museum completed the project “Museums for change”. It consisted of three parts and lasted nine months in three cities of Ukraine – Odesa, Kherson, and Berdyansk – based on the Odesa Fine Arts Museum, Kherson Art, and Berdyansk Art museums. It included lectures, an art “idea marathon” on creating an art object, and an exhibition by Isaac Brodsky, designed to track the closeness of art, culture, society, and politics.

Part 10. The Odesa Fine Arts Museum in numbers

Part 11. Expenses from the special account

Remuneration and accruals for remuneration amounted to UAH 1,070,415.51

Items, materials, equipment, and inverter – UAH 808, 609.03

Payment for services (except utilities) – UAH 373,066.03

Expenses for business trips – UAH 17,574.14

Payment for utilities and energy – UAH 67,013.97

Purchase of equipment and durable goods – UAH 40,000.00

Total expenditures for 2020 are UAH 2,376,678.68

Thank you for your support! See you at the museum!