Your support helps the Odesa Fine Arts Museum to preserve and multiply the artistic heritage of many generations, organize cultural events for you and your children, and allow thousands of visitors to experience the power of art every day. Thank you for your support.

For the museum’s friends, we have developed a lot of different supporting programs for our institution. You can choose the most convenient way for you to support museums from the ones listed below or contact us and, we will develop the program for you.

Want to support the museum!

You can make a charitable contribution of any size

Targeted charity

Become a patron of the museum on the patron saint and get unique bonuses!
Our guests are deprived of the opportunity to see many masterpieces from the museum’s collection due to the lack of proper framing of paintings.
Become a member of a public organization whose activities are aimed at supporting and developing the Odesa Fine Arts Museum
More than 10% of the museum’s collection works need serious restoration, which today is possible only at the extra-budgetary expense. The restored exhibit will be accompanied by information about the benefactor.
Business for Museum A program for small businesses that allows you to maintain the museum’s current activities throughout the year with monthly contributions of UAH 2,500 or UAH 5,000.
As part of the new patronage program, the name of the philanthropist (individual) appears on the board in the museum’s lobby for a contribution of UAH 150,000.
The name of the philanthropist (legal entity) appears on the board in the museum’s lobby for a contribution of UAH 450,000.
The Odesa Fine Arts Museum preserves the collection of artworks. It is constantly replenishing it – buying with charitable funds and accepting as gifts the work of past and modern artists.
We want that making a gift to our favorite museum could be available for anyone — due to this we as a team have developed a wish list. Using the link you will find a list of things that will make us a little happier and closer to the Museum of Modernity.

How to contact us?

Would you like to become a sponsor? Do you have an idea or proposal for cooperation? Call us — we will answer all your questions, and if necessary, we will develop an offer specifically for you or your company. We are always open to new collaborations.

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Daria, fundraising manager


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