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Museum hours
Admission Tickets
Visitor Guidelines
Monday — Friday
Saturday — Sunday
11:00 - 17:00
11:00 - 18:00
Contact Information
+380 48 737 38 70
Odesa, Sofiivs'ka Street, 5a
Permanent exhibition

With this ticket, you can visit the museum's entire main exposition, located on the first and second floors: the art of the XVI-XIX centuries, the icon hall, decorative and applied arts and art of the XX - XXI century.
Temporary exhibitions
With this ticket, you can visit our current exhibitions.
5 highlights in 30 minutes
You can book a 30-minute tour of the museum's 5 highlights by calling: + 38-048-737-38-70. The price is for a group of up to 15 people. Excursions are possible in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Event organisation
Booking required
The organisation of events in the museum's halls is charged depending on the chosen premises and the event's duration. Check the details by phone: + 38-048-737-38-70.
For safety reasons, you can visit the grotto only accompanied by a museum tour guide. The cost of an individual excursion service is UAH 350.
Guided tour to the XVI — XIX centuries exposition
You can book an individual tour by calling: + 38-048-737-38-70. The price is for a group of up to 25 people or for a children's group of up to 15 people.Excursion is possible in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Guided tour to the ХХ — ХХІ centuries exposition
You can book an individual tour by calling: + 38-048-737-38-70. The price is for a group of up to 25 people or for a children's group of up to 15 people.Excursion is possible in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Guided tour to the XVI — ХХ centuries exposition
You can book an individual tour by calling: + 38-048-737-38-70. The price is for a group of up to 25 people or for a children's group of up to 15 people.Excursion is possible in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Professional photoshoot in the exposition
Professional photography in the exhibition is possible by prior arrangement by phone: + 38-048-737-38-70. The price is indicated for every 30 minutes of shooting. Entrance tickets for participants are purchased separately.
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Please leave in the wardrobe outwear, umbrellas, and oversized bags (even the ones considered to be women's accessory, but exceed the size of an A4 sheet of paper), school bags, backpacks, and other items that can damage exhibits and equipment of the exhibition.
Along with clothes and bags, we bring extra moisture and many other components that can affect the microclimate exhibition rooms. Maintenance of the microclimate is essential to keep painting and sculptures in good condition.
Please do not take your pet with you when visiting the museum – any animals cannot visit the exhibition*
(even if it is a hamster or a lovely parrot). Yes, we are fans of pets, and kittens live in the museum territory, but we don't make exceptions even for them.

*Doesn't apply to guide dogs
Please don't bring food and drinks to the museum
(and any other liquids in any container). If necessary, you can leave them in the wardrobe.
Please ask the wardrobe assistant for the special museum bag, in which you can put everything you need and take it with you to the exhibition.
This way, you can take your valuable belongings and those you will need while visiting exhibitions.
Please don't bring explosive, flammable, poisonous or corrosive substances, firearms, sharp objects
or other objects that could harm visitors or exhibits. In this case, we will not accept this to our wardrobe.
Please do not come to the museum in a state of alcohol intoxication, drug intoxication, or under the influence of psychotropic drugs.
The museum has the right to deny you a visit if you still try to come in these conditions.
Please do not touch the exhibits or show windows displays
even if it is very appealing. Try not to approach them closer than 25 centimetres. As one of our supervisors once said: "Don't touch, leave it to the future generation"
As with anywhere, please respect the people around you. Please try not to talk loudly or disturb others with phone signals and conversations.
It is allowed to draw (copy) exhibits in pencil on A4 sheets of paper or less. Please, agree on the other conditions for drawing with the museum administration team, such as on larger sheets, with an easel, using paints, pastels, and other materials.
Call us if you plan to paint it in the exhibition space. We are totally up to this, but we do not recommend painting in the halls during high attendance (weekends, public holidays, days of free admission). Be attentive to other visitors; keep the opportunity to view the exhibition comfortably.
The entrance to the museum and ticket sales closing half an hour before closing. 15 min before closing, you will hear a bell ring, reminding you that it is time to move towards the exit gradually.
The museum may make temporary changes to the opening hours of individual exhibitions, expositions, or halls, as well as restrict the entry for a specific time in case of high occupancy of halls and lobbies, lack of space in the closet, lack of space at the entrances or in case of emergencies. Remember that we take such measures for your safety and comfort.
It is possible to use a wheelchair in the museum.
Please contact the museum staff in the entrance area - and we will help the visitors with a wheelchair if needed. Unfortunately, there is no elevator in the museum, and only the first-floor exhibits are available for wheelchairs.
Please leave strollers at the entrance area of the museum.
We welcome babies to the museum. However, unfortunately, we cannot provide a visit to the museum with strollers due to the damage caused by wheels to the old parquet floor and the critical lack of room for maneuverability in most of the halls. Plan the duration of the visit comfortable for you and your child, given that most places are equipped with chairs – where you can relax a bit.
The child's parents make decisions about children's participation in activities aimed at adult visitors.
Age restrictions on specific exhibitions, if they occur, are of a recommendatory rather than prohibitive nature.
You can come to the museum with a bicycle. The courtyard is equipped with bicycle parking.
Take photos in the museum exposition!
Taking pictures with mobile phones and personal cameras without flash * is not only allowed but also encouraged - let it be the best picture of yours! Tag the museum on Instagram and Facebook - we are also interested to see your photos. Occasionally, photography at temporary exhibitions may be prohibited or restricted due to the requirements of other museums and individuals who provide works belonging to them for the exhibition. Pay attention to the graphic signs that prohibit photography, placed at the exhibition's entrance, or next to the exhibits.

* But commercial and professional photography with additional equipment require a separate agreement with the museum administration and payment.
Please do not use the flash while taking pictures in the museum.
The flash is disturbing other visitors, and many experts say that it can negatively affect paintings.
Tell your friends about us!
Please leave feedback and recommendations on Facebook, Google, tag us on the pictures posted to Instagram, and put our location. We are happy to read your posts about the museum, and photographs that we like the most will appear on our Instagram page.
Please, do not rush.
Try to spend at least 10 minutes to get acquainted with one work, instead of the usual few seconds. We promise that the Odesa Fine Arts Museum will not go anywhere. You can always come back again and then again - and as many times as you want. It is fascinating to get acquainted with art slowly and thoughtfully. Believe and try!
for entrance tickets to the museum, visits to tours and lectures have*
Persons with disabilities
or guided tours and lectures have*
Free entrance
and -50%
children under 7 years
students of art and theatre schools
employees of museums of Ukraine
veterans and participants of the war
members of the ICOM International Council of Museums
persons with disabilities due to war
members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
family members of fallen servicemen
members of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
family members of police officers or firefighters who died in the line of duty
holders of the International Professional Journalist's Card
internally displaced persons from the temporarily occupied territories
large families
* The original certificate stating the relevant status must be presented, or its notarised copy
+380 48 737 38 70
+380 48 723 72 87
Sofiivs'ka Street, 5a
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