Museum hours

Monday — Friday

11:00 – 17:00

Saturday — Sunday

11:00 – 18:30


Day off

Contact Information

+380 48 737 38 70
Odesa Sofiivs’ka Street, 5a




for entrance tickets to the museum, visits to tours and lectures have *

Free admission and -50%

for visiting excursions and lectures have *
* subject to presentation of the original certificate certifying the relevant status or its notarized copy

The rules

Please leave outerwear, umbrellas, oversized bags (even those considered women’s accessories but for larger than a sheet of A4 paper), school backpacks, backpacks, and other items that could damage the exhibits and display equipment in your wardrobe.

Along with clothes and bags, we bring extra moisture and many other components that can affect the microclimate in showrooms. And maintaining the microclimate is very important to keep paintings and sculptures in good condition.

Please do not take your pets with you when going to the museum – any animals are not allowed to visit the exhibition *

(even if it’s a hamster or a very beautiful parrot). Yes, we are fans of pets, and museum kittens live in the museum, but even for them, we do not make exceptions.

* Does not apply to guide dogs.

Please do not bring food and drinks to the museum
(as well as any liquids in any container). If necessary, you can leave it in the wardrobe.
Please ask our staff for a special museum bag, in which you can put everything you need and take it with you to the exhibition. Therefore, you can not leave in the wardrobe valuables or things that may be needed when viewing our collection.
Ask for a museum bag even when you don’t need it, because it is very photogenic.
Please do not bring explosive, flammable, flammable, poisonous, and corrosive substances, firearms, prickly and cutting objects to the museum territory.
as well as other items that could harm visitors or exhibits. This is the case when we do not even accept such items in our wardrobe.
Please do not come to the museum in a state of alcohol, drugs or intoxication, or under the influence of psychotropic drugs.
The museum reserves the right to deny you a visit if you still try to come to this state.
Please do not touch the exhibits and shop windows
even if you really want to. Please try not to approach them closer than 25 centimeters. As one of our team members once said, “Don’t touch, leave it to the next generation.”
As anywhere, please respect those around you. Please try not to talk loudly or disturb others with phone signals and conversations.
The museum is allowed to draw (copy) exhibits in pencil on A4 (or less) sheets. Other conditions of copying (on large sheets, easel, paints, pastels, and other materials) please agree with the museum administration.
Please call us if you plan to paint in the exhibition. We are only in favor, but we do not recommend painting in the halls during periods of high attendance (weekends, holidays, days of free attendance). Please be attentive to other visitors, and keep a comfortable view of the exhibition for them.
The entrance to the museum is closed, ticket sales stop half an hour before the museum closes. 15 minutes before the museum closes, you will hear a bell reminding you that it is time to move to the exit.
The museum may make temporary changes to the opening hours of individual exhibitions, expositions, or halls, as well as restrict the entry of visitors for a certain time in case of high occupancy of halls and lobbies, lack of space in the closet, lack of space in the west or case of emergencies. Please remember that we take such measures for your safety and comfort.
There is a possibility to move around the museum in a wheelchair.
Please contact the museum staff in the entrance area – and we will help the visitor with a wheelchair if needed. Unfortunately, the museum is not equipped with an elevator and only the ground floor exhibits are available for wheelchairs.
Leave the baby carriages at the entrance to the museum.
We are happy for the babies in the museum, but unfortunately, we cannot provide a visit to the museum with a baby carriage due to the damage caused by the wheels to the vintage parquet floor and due to the critical lack of room for maneuver in most halls. Please plan the duration of the visit comfortable for you and your child, given that most rooms are equipped with chairs – and you can relax a bit.
Decisions about children’s participation in activities aimed at adult visitors are made by the child’s parents.
Age restrictions for certain exhibitions, if any, are recommended rather than prohibited.
Come to the museum by bike. The courtyard is equipped with bicycle parking.
Take photos in the museum exposition!
Shooting on mobile phones and personal cameras without flash * is not only not forbidden, but also encouraged – let it be the best of your photos! Tag the museum on Instagram and Facebook – we are also interested to see your photos. Sometimes photography at temporary exhibitions may be forbidden or restricted due to the requirements of other museums and owners who submit their work to the exhibition. Please pay attention to the graphic signs prohibiting photography, placed at the entrance to the exhibition or near the exhibits.
Please do not use the flash when taking pictures.
The flash significantly interferes with other visitors, and some experts believe that the flash may adversely affect the condition of the paintings.
Tell your friends and acquaintances about us.
Leave feedback and recommendations on Facebook, and Google, tag us in the photo on Instagram and put our geolocation. We are happy to follow all the publications related to the museum, and we are happy to place the photos we like best on our pages.
Please take your time.
Try to spend at least 10 minutes getting acquainted with one work, instead of the usual few seconds. We promise that the Odesa Fine Arts Museum will not go anywhere. You can always come back again and then again – and so many times. It is very interesting to get acquainted with art slowly and thoughtfully. Believe and try!